Health Benefits

Muscle Growth & Recovery

Working dogs need a high-energy diet, and meeting these nutritional requirements is what we do. Using just the right balance of quality ingredients, and vacuum infusion technology, we have created industry-leading formulas these animals demand for muscle growth and recovery.

Protein and Carbohydrates

Protein (Chicken and Fish) is the key ingredient for building muscle, and carbohydrate intake helps offset muscle soreness and recovery for your dog after strenuous exercise. As muscle mass breaks down from exercise or age, protein must be replaced.

Fish Oils

Fish oils serve as excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which support the immune system and assists with muscle recovery and growth, while providing many other health benefits for your dog. Our vacuum infusion (Click here to see how the vacuum infusion process works) process incorporates the oils deep into each kibble, enhancing flavor and providing a dry feel product.

Dietary Considerations

When active dogs have an unbalanced diet, the following symptoms occur: Stool loses its firmness Defecating more than twice a day (This is often an indication that your dog’s diet contains insufficient levels of protein) Coat sheen and softness is a visible extension of food quality. Proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a premium protein mix are essential ingredients for active dogs that directly impact their coat. When your dog is not receiving the proper nutrition, he/she could experience a simple lack of energy, which may manifest itself into undesired weight loss.

Vacuum Fat Infusion

Inukshuk Pro 32/32 is an industry leading formula with an unparalleled 32% fat to 32% protein ratio, made possible only because of a unique process called vacuum infusion.

Click here to see how the vacuum infusion process works.


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